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Protecting Consumers From Illegal Debt Collection Tactics

People that come to use when they’re being sued by a debt collector often have other debt collectors after them. Our clients are good people that were knocked over the financial ledge by some kind of life event. Often a death in the family, losing their job, a sick parent or child, divorce, or a number of other things prevented them from paying their bills. Debt collectors can be unforgiving and relentless in trying to get whatever they can from our clients.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is a federal law that regulates what debt collectors can and can’t do when they try to collect a debt. When we take on a client we do a free attorney review of a client’s credit reports. We look for any red flags, potential future lawsuits, and ways we can help their credit score. We also look for violations of the FDCPA that could enable us to turn the tables on the debt collectors. We will also represent our clients for the purpose of communication with a debt collector which means the collector has to stop contacting our client and has to deal with us instead.

An FDCPA lawsuit against a debt collector could allow our client to sue the debt collector that is suing them or sue a debt collector before they sue our client. The law allows our clients to recover up to $1,000 if we win, more if there are what’s called “actual damages” as well as the collector has to pay our attorney fees and the costs of the lawsuit. We’ve also been able to have the debt cancelled and the account deleted from our client’s credit reports, usually resulting in a jump in their credit score.

An attorney credit report and FDCPA review is available to all our new clients at no charge as it supports our mission of helping our clients get back on their feet financially.

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