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It’s no mystery that many of our neighbors in DuPage are struggling with debt. There is a simple explanation: while the cost of living has exploded in recent years, wages and benefits have not kept pace. Indeed, average wages are pretty much unchanged since the 1970s. Meanwhile, the cost of living continues to skyrocket. Food, transportation, housing, medicine—many people can barely afford these necessities.

Maybe you used credit cards to pay monthly bills or possibly took out a personal loan to hold you over until the next paycheck. Before you know it, monthly debt payments are just too much for your budget, and you fall behind.

If you’ve been sued by a debt collector contact us for a free strategy consultation. The Zero Debt Law Firm has helped men and women just like you finally take control of the situation. We can defend against DuPagedebt collection lawsuits and can help prevent wage garnishments, frozen bank accounts, and other collection efforts.

What Happens in a Debt Collection Lawsuit?

Most debt collection cases start when you, the borrower, defaults on a debt. Essentially, this means you stopped making your monthly payments, and after a certain amount of time (usually two months) the creditor who lent you money says you’re in default. At that point, they could sell the debt to a collection agency.

Then the debt collection process starts. At some point, you’ll likely be sued. Even worse, if you are sued, a judge can enter a default judgment if you ignore the lawsuit.

With a default judgment in hand, a debt collector can garnish your wages, freeze your bank accounts and pull out money, and put a lien on your home or car. The law gives the power to take all these steps with a judgment.

Options for Dealing with Debt Collection Lawsuits

How do we fight back? As experienced DuPagedebt collection defense attorneys, we fully review all options with you in a free strategy session:

  • Lump sum settlement. Many debt collectorswill agree to accept a fraction of the amount you owe in a lump sum before waiving the rest.
  • Installment agreement. If a debt collector won’t accept a lump sum, they might agree to let you make monthly payments. We work to ensure the amount is low enough so you can continue to support yourself and your family.
  • Discharge. Sometimes a debt is uncollectible. Maybe it’s too old, and the debt collector can’t sue on it. Or the debt collection agency doesn’t have paperwork proving the debt is valid. They might have no choice but to discharge.
  • Do nothing. This is probably the worst approach. You’ll likely face a default judgment and collection action, such as wage garnishment. Also, the amount you owe accrues interest at 9%!

Let us review your case and come up with the best game plan for tackling the debt.

How We Help Clients

At the Zero Debt Law Firm, we handle all communication with debt collection agencies, relieving you of stress. If you are sued, there are important deadlines to meet, otherwise you face a dreaded default judgment. We make sure to protect your interests.

Few debt cases go to trial, and we can negotiate with your debt collector for a resolution that works for you. Even if you’ve already suffered a default judgment, it may not be too late if you call us soon after the default judgment.

Finally, we are unafraid to sue any collection agency for abusive and illegal collection tactics. Under federal law, collection agencies cannot:

  • Contact you at odd hours of the day about a debt
  • Call you before 8:00 am or after 9:00 pm
  • Misrepresent how much you owe
  • Lie to you and tell you they’re an attorney (when they really aren’t)
  • Contact you after you’ve written and told them to stop

You should sue a debt collector engaging in any of these abusive practices. Our DuPageattorneys have won multiple lawsuits and obtained compensation as well as attorney’s fees.

Are We the Right Law Firm for You?

Too many people try to negotiate with debt collectors on their own, which is a big mistake. Anyone can benefit from the services offered by a debt collection defense attorney.

We have the experience you need. We know how to negotiate a favorable settlement to your debt. Many of our clients pay the debt collector $0 or just a small amount compared to what they owe. We also know our way around a courtroom.

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