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With inflation soaring, many of our neighbors in Downers Grove are struggling financially. Groceries, utilities, medical care, educational expenses—it all adds up. Adding to many people’s woes are periods of unemployment or stagnant wages. It’s no mystery that millions of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.

Then one day, something happens to push someone over the financial edge. From my experience it’s typically a death, divorce, sickness or unemployment. The person tries to keep up with the bills but at some point, usually because of the high interest rates, it becomes overwhelming. Then a choice is made to pay the rent and buy food or pay the credit card company and their 24% interest. 

After someone misses a payment to a bank or credit card company they typically either sue the person or sell the debt to a debt buyer who then sues the person. The people that successfully walk away from a lawsuit hired an experienced law firm. 

If you are being sued for a debt, contact the Zero Debt Law firm for a free confidential strategy session to help you understand your options. We can then craft a game plan for fighting back. In the majority of cases, we get our client’s case dismissed or settle for an amount much less than what our clients owe.

We Have Helped Many Clients with Debt

Whether you’re being sued for a credit card debt or personal loan we can help. Here is a sampling of our cases:

  • Our client paid nothing on a debt owed to a debt collector
  • Our client paid a portion of debtowed to a bank
  • Our client paid a portion of debtowed to a bank, with the rest

Our experience is very detailed. We know all the tricks debt collectors use, as well as the weaknesses in their legal claims. We’ve helped hundreds of people in the Chicago area with their debt defense, and are available to help you, too.

What to Do If You Are Sued

When a creditor or debt collector sues, they file paperwork in court and send copies to you, probably hand-delivered to your home or place of work. You might not really understand the paperwork or even recognize the debt which forms the basis of the suit.

Unfortunately, you can’t simply ignore the lawsuit. If you don’t respond, a judge can enter a default judgment against you. This is basically an automatic win for the debt collector, who can then move straight to freezing your bank accounts and pulling money out, order your employer to garnish your wages, or even put a lien on your home.

Once you receive the paperwork, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Read it carefully. Find out the deadline for you to e-file an Appearance and Jury Demand.
  2. Contact a Downers Grove debt collection defense attorney. A lawyer can swing into action quickly to protect your rights. The sooner you do the more options you have. 
  3. Gather all documents you have related to the debt. Many collectors sue on very old debts, so it’s not surprising if you have no documentation. But find what you have.
  4. Document any communication you had with the debt collection agency. Did they send letters? Call you during the day or in the evening? Write down as much as you remember.

At our firm, we will review the case to determine your odds of reaching a favorable outcome, such as a dismissal or a payment plan that won’t bankrupt you.

How We Get Cases Dismissed

The results we get for each client depends on many factors, such as the creditor and the age of the debt. Sometimes, the creditor doesn’t have adequate paperwork to show a debt really existed. This isn’t surprising. Many debts get sold from creditors to collection agencies, which don’t have the best paperwork retention. If they can’t show a valid debt, however, they can’t sue you for failing to pay.

Some debts are too old to sue on. Generally speaking, a creditor can’t sue on a credit card debt past 5 years from the date they stopped paying. 

Dismissal isn’t always possible. But other options—like a reduced amount and a sensible repayment plan—might keep your neck above water and provide some financial stability.

Suing a Debt Collector for Abusive Collection Practices

We don’t stop at helping clients resolve debt. We also hold collection agencies accountable for violating important federal laws related to debt collection. Under these laws, debt collectors can’t call you at unusual times or badger your family about the debt. They should also provide written documents supporting the existence of a valid debt.

When a debt collector violates the law, we can sue. We have recovered damages and attorney’s fees on behalf of hundreds of clients for these types of violations. Hold debt collectors accountable for their harassment so that they think twice before doing it again.

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