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In Over 99% of the Cases We Defend Against, Our Clients Pay the Debt Collector Nothing.
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We Defend Against Collection Lawsuits Filed Specifically By Debt Collectors

Our primary focus is defending against collection lawsuits filed specifically by debt collectors and suing those same debt collectors when they break the law. This federal law dictates what debt collectors can and can’t do. And we have made it our business to know every inch of debt collection laws, inside and out, so we can serve you best.

Our highly experienced attorneys know collection defense. We have litigated thousands of these cases. We also understand from both professional and personal experience how unfair and difficult life can be for families who are struggling financially, especially when faced with the stress of a collection lawsuit.

We win cases for clients all the time, even when they think they have no chance of winning. If you’re being sued by a debt collector, call us for a free consultation to learn how we can help you win and avoid the consequence of losing a collection lawsuit, which can be financially devastating and long-lasting!

We Also Sue Debt Settlement Companies

In addition to defending collection lawsuits and suing debt collectors, we also sue debt settlement companies. Many of these companies prey on people trying to settle their debts. They often take a lot of money but leave consumers worse than when they started, often with lawsuits and a much lower credit score for starters. If you hired a debt settlement company, call us to find out if you have a claim against them for breaking the law.

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I have had a great had a great experience working with both Bryan and Rob on a few of my credit related cases, with amazing results.

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